Samsung WP10 / AQ100 - personal log

2010-7-20 11:5

A comparison between the HX5 and the WP10 from roughly the same distance but from different spots and taken on different days.
The quality from the Samsung is not bad at all.

Both are lossless crops, so you can compare the original quality.

Sony HX5 10 x zoom

WP10 5 x zoom

Today I shot my camera guy - several times.

Went to the store and told him I wanted to figure out if my Samsung WP10 had a malfunction or if another WP10 would behave in the same way. After I made myself clear, I got a second WP10 and and shot several flash fotos of him in the store with both cameras to see if the cameras had the same problems as described in my post: Samsung WP10 / AQ100 - stabilisation

Conclusion: While in wide angle the WP10 uses often 1/45 sec indoors for flash, the moment you use zoom even at 2 x the speed goes up to 1/80 sec and at 5 x maxes out at 1/100 sec, My hands are apparently not sturdy enough to steady the camera with one hand without mechanical stabilisation, so I need to hold the camera with 2 hands and concentrate while shooting the flash picture. In my tainted opinion the store WP10 did a bit clearer pictures, so I exchanged mine for that one.

my camera guy hiding from me in front 2 open WP10 boxes

I was just thinking, that with the price from 150€ all the pocket HD cameras (Flip Mino HD, Sony Bloggie, JVC Picsio, Kodak Zi8, Kodak Playsport Zx3, etc) are now obsolete. The 720p from the WP10 surpasses their full HD and we have a real 5 x zoom a good camera and are waterproof.
Way to eradicate a whole segment of low quality pocket cams Samsung, well done!

After a few days playing with the WP10 and comparing her with the Pentax Optio WS80 I made up my mind to keep the Samsung.
The why part you will read in my WP10 vs WS80 post in a couple days, but on a short notice so far I am quite fond of her as you can tell from the blog top graphic I made.
It took me more than 30 shots until I found the right angle and got the reflections on the WP10 chrome bumper just the way I wanted it. My goal was to capture the soft curves of the camera and particular the retro style of the lens protrusion, the Caribbean blue of the front plate and the esthetic of the chrome bumper what protects the camera around all 4 corners. It was time well spend if I look at the result.

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