Samsung WP10 / AQ100 - PICTURES smart auto mode

2010-7-3 17.31

Let´s put the Samsung WP10 or Samsung AQ100 as she is called in the USA to the test. This first part is just the WP10 in Smart Auto mode.
The blue with the chrome bumper around reminds me of the 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air.

So we got off on a good start.
Since the battery was charged and I had my Hx5 with me, I just swapped the 16 Gb card and went shooting.

The Samsung WP10 was left in Smart Auto (SA) just as she came out of the box.
The pictures will be lossless cropped to 1600 pixel to show the original quality if nothing else is mentioned. The exif data is intact.

If you are in SA, the macro button is pushed automatically

I was aiming for the spotted part (below in picture) and the WP10 confirmed that, but the slightest movement changes the focused part.

The WP10 goofed here, with full zoom only 1/100 sec but the F set to 10.9 no wonder this
picture is blurred. Since there is only digital image stabilisation and you can not switch that on in SA.

Here I tried the street shooting pose, just holding the camera below the waist line and shooting while walking. Again problem with the non existing image stabilisation. The only way to have an influence on the shutter speed it to choose the children mode. It is similar to the HX5 sports mode.

How far can 5x (175 mm) reach?

I took this shot pretty quick, so even with flash it is a bit unsharp

To capture an object through a window pane can take several tries to get the optimal result because of reflections which throw of the autofocus.

If you can put the camera plane with the lens on the window pane and then even the flash can not mess up the picture.

Again the problem if you move the camera too fast while taking a snapshot as you walk by. Even the flash could not prevent the slight blur.

Shot with the setting sun to the right.

How good can you capture detail n the shadows against a bright background?

 Using SageLight to get more details out of the shadows.

Evening in the mall

Faces ISO 200 with flash

on the beach - Disney merchandising at work...





 5 x  zoom, one out of four were OK the rest to blurry. Need to try digital image stabilisation. I really miss the mechanical stabilisation.

from our local animal charity

 the next two are resized and sharpened

To conclude this first part I like to end this with a special picture what has been resized.
If you like to hunt for easter eggs, this is the one you might want to check out closer.
I also would like to dedicate this picture to BP for their Guinness Book of Records first place in causing the biggest man made disaster in US history.

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