Samsung WP10 / AQ100 - submerged

2010-6-25 20.42

The nice thing about a water resistant camera is that you suddenly can do all the crazy things you ever wanted but knew it would kill your equipment if you did so.

Let´s start by sticking the Samsung WP10 carefully a bit into the sand so we can shot the waves up close and personal.
Luckily the bright blue color made her easy to spot when she was swept away from the surf.

Next time I try that and screw her on a pocket tripod what I will fix in place with a stone.

Did that an here is the result:

Trying out the Samsung WP10 snorkeling I could not see anything on the display except reflections. The water was murky and I just did point, click and hope. 80% of the pictures were unusable, but when the WP10 was close enough she could capture with good detail.
Will try on another location with more clear water for final verdict and the display will greatly benefit from a hood like the Super Magic Mirror what I have on my HX1 and HX5.

If you wonder what kind of bathing suit this is, google for wicked weasel.
After swimming on the surface and less than 3 feet below I was kind of puzzled how sand was inside the seal of the memory card compartment. There was absolutely no moisture though. But I understand now why Samsung shows in the manual to clean the seals with a q-tip afterwards.
A single sand grain can be very tiny and just one on top of the seal lip is enough to let liquid in.

I think the sand might have hidden in the spring area and could be from the first time the WP10 got submerged and then swept over the sand . Then after several times opening and closing the memory card compartment may have been able to sneak into the seal.
Note to self: Rinse well after the beach, then blow water out of spring areas and then open the doors.


  1. thanks a lot for your blog, I am just considering buying the wp10 and I found no other useful user reviews for it....
    by the way, did you get a chanche to test underwater shooting in clear water, as this is the main use I am buying it for. I am also quite worried by what you are saying about sand in the battery pocket, did the problem came out againg or was it a single occurrence? I admit I am quite scared of throwing a 200€ digital camera in the water even if they sell it as waterproof!
    thanks a lot

  2. Cool Blog, very detailed and helpful.

    P.s.: Nice Bikini :D