Samsung WP10 / AQ100 - insider

So far except for some Samsung own blogs I did not find any review.
They are basic but you have an ISO chart and some nice showing of features.
Samsung WP10 info 1 info 2

Specification here

This is a phantom picture of a Sony TX1, it will give you an idea how the lens array of the WP10 looks from the inside.

If you want to compare with the:
Pentax Optio W90,
Fujifilm FinePix XP10,
Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FT2,
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX5,
Olympus μ TOUGH-8010,
or Canon PowerShot D10
here is a Japanese website who has a review and compares these cameras. If you want to read this test in English, here the google translation.

Samsung WP10 / AQ100 - VIDEO

2010-6-26 16.13
How good can the video quality be from such a cheap waterproof camera?

You might be in for a pleasant surprise.

Review: Samsung WP10 vs Pentax Qptio WS80

2010-6-29 17.44

I planned to do a thorough comparison between these both since they are in the same very cheap price range, Samsung WP10 149€ vs Pentax Optio WS80 155€.
With underwater shots and videos etc, the full works.

After one day I stopped the tests, since the WS80 was a true OPTIO.
You do not know what OPTIO stands for?
Want to see for your self? OK enter at your own risk.


Samsung WP10 / AQ100 - stabilisation

2010-6-29 19.45
My last camera without an image stabilisation was the 2 MP Canon A60 and I barely had any unsharp picture with her.
The main unhappyness I have with the Samsung WP10 is the lack of a real stabilisation.
Sure there is the digital stabilisation but that is a just not an alternative.

Let me give you a couple examples so you get an idea and as usual all pictures are original lossless crops. Click on the picture for the original cropped size and quality.

1/30 2 x zoom ISO 400 no IS


Samsung WP10 / AQ100 - submerged

2010-6-25 20.42

The nice thing about a water resistant camera is that you suddenly can do all the crazy things you ever wanted but knew it would kill your equipment if you did so.

Let´s start by sticking the Samsung WP10 carefully a bit into the sand so we can shot the waves up close and personal.
Luckily the bright blue color made her easy to spot when she was swept away from the surf.