Samsung WP10 / AQ100 - personal log

2010-7-20 11:5

A comparison between the HX5 and the WP10 from roughly the same distance but from different spots and taken on different days.
The quality from the Samsung is not bad at all.

Both are lossless crops, so you can compare the original quality.

Sony HX5 10 x zoom

WP10 5 x zoom


Samsung WP10 / AQ100 - PICTURES smart auto mode

2010-7-3 17.31

Let´s put the Samsung WP10 or Samsung AQ100 as she is called in the USA to the test. This first part is just the WP10 in Smart Auto mode.

Samsung WP10 / AQ100 - PICTURES program & scene modes

2010-7-3 17.33
In this post we explore the world beyond smart auto mode.

resized and the border cropped.
A page out of the New Yorker from 1975-10-11
the original is even sharper than what you see here and would work without any problem in OCR software. There is no visible corner softness.

Dynamic Range

Sony HX5 P-mode


Samsung WP10 / AQ100 - tips and tricks

2010-7-3 0.09
When your display looks totally washed out even there is no bright area in the picture you are framing then you are shooting into something bright like the setting sun. Even if it is not framed the big lens cover pane catches the glare and messes up the exposure. Shield the lens with your hand and it will be measured more correctly but you still might need to use exposure compensation. IA get fooled the same as P mode.